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Stories about tech giants, startups, and venture capital
Matt 11:01 PM (12 minutes ago) to me Netflix confirms it killed AirPlay support, won’t let you beam shows to Apple TVs anymore (2 minute read)
Netflix has suddenly discontinued AirPlay support with little explanation. Apple has partnered with most of the major TV brands to allow AirPlay 2 to send video directly to TVs without an Apple TV, and Netflix claims that it can’t deliver its service due to restrictions in the AirPlay 2 software stopping Netflix from identifying the type of TV it would be displayed on. Netflix denied that this was a business competition play against Apple. They have also recently declined to be part of Apple TV+, preferring to stay a competitor.
Change My View Reddit Community Launches Its Own Website (4 minute read)
The subreddit /r/changemyview is a large community of over 700,000 people in which anything is debatable. Users enter into debates following certain rules of engagement, such as requiring a reason for agreement/disagreement, and it is now known as an online oasis for people who enjoy discussions. The founder of ChangeMyView has launched a website where users can continue using the same format of discussion without the restrictions of Reddit. Researchers have commented on the difference in the quality of conversation that occurs on the subreddit, as it is quite different from debates that occur elsewhere on the internet.

Science & Cutting Edge Technology

Stories about scientific breakthroughs and futuristic technologies like AI, blockchain, and space travel
A space startup that 3D-prints its rockets just got its first customer (1 minute read)
Relativity Space is a start-up that is building its first 3D-printed rocket, due to be tested in 2020. Telesat, a Canadian communications company, has partnered with Relativity Space to launch a portion of their low Earth orbit satellites. The project will likely involve multiple launches as the company will require hundreds of satellites in order to get reliable worldwide coverage. Telesat has also partnered with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space company.
A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy (18 minute read)
Antibiotics have been used to treat infections for many decades, and this has caused the evolution of ‘superbugs’ that have developed resistance to these drugs. An antifungal resistant fungus has caused outbreaks all over the world, killing nearly half its patients within 90 days. When testing the hospital rooms of these patients, it was found that the fungus was present on every surface tested. Despite these outbreaks, there has been little attention drawn to this fungus. Some scientists have theorized that the outbreak is caused by the use of pesticides, some of which are molecularly similar to antifungal medication.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Tools, open source libraries, and other resources for programmers, designers, and data scientsts
Water.css (GitHub Repo)
Water.css is a way to quickly style up your demo pages or simple websites. Developers can style their pages by adding a line of code in the <head> tag. There are a few options of styling available and developers can build custom themes.
App Ideas Collection (GitHub Repo)
This repository contains a collection of ideas for projects which are designed to improve coding skills. Each project contains a clear and descriptive objective, self-reported user experiences on completing the project, a list of bonus optional features to implement, and a list of resources to help locate the information needed to complete the project. The projects are divided into three tiers based on the knowledge and experience required to complete them.


Random stuff techies might be interested in
Making Video Games Is Not a Dream Job (3 minute read)
While the video game industry has boasted record-breaking profits in the last year, many thousands of video game developers have lost their jobs in the last 12 months due to cost-cutting measures and studio closures. Worker exploitation has always been a part of the video game industry, and recently developers have been considering the idea of unionization. While unionization will not stop game studios from firing their developers, it may help developers negotiate a better severance package, along with other worker benefits.
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